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(A very overdue) World School Bus UPDATE!

Hello, hellllooooooooo, friends and family and random people visiting because they saw us driving (probably very slowly) down the road in our big, blue bus! If you’re just visiting for the first time, my name is Sarah Q and along with my husband Henry, our three kiddos Roxy, Kai and Marley and our sweet pup Honey Buns, we are traveling the United States right now in our 1997 school bus turned tiny home on a wheels. We are technically home schoolers, but we prefer to call what we do “world schooling” because that’s how we think kids (and everybody!) learns best – by being out in the world, meeting new people, experiencing new places, hearing new ideas and having grand adventures. I started this website a while back and then promptly put it on a back burner, never really keeping it updated as much as I’ve wanted to. Life on the road with two businesses, three kids and an old finicky bus can be pretty hectic, but I really want to be better about keeping the blog updated, so leave me some comments! Tell me what you’d like to know more about! Have any questions for us? Any suggestions for places we should be sure to visit? I’d love to hear from you! We also have a Facebook page and an Instagram account and I’d love for you to follow along there, as well. Here are some links : The World School on Facebook. @theworldisourschool on Instagram.

Okay, time for an update! My last post was right after we finished putting down our plywood floor in the bus, which feels like FOREVER ago. Since then, we’ve finished : the walls, the ceiling, the electricity, the plumbing, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bunks, the shelves, the cabinets, the curtains, the decorations and just about everything else. We still have a few small projects to finish, but since getting out on the road, those projects seem so much less important than they did when we were stuck in my mom’s yard. Eventually, we’ll put up some trim and finish that last cabinet. For now, we’re traveling, loving life and enjoying our new home and everything feels perfectly imperfect and fine just the way it is.

So how about some photos?! I created a few before and after photos to show just how crazy the transformation has been. These side-by-sides make me feel so proud, so accomplished, so badass! You guys, WE DID THIS. All of it! We gutted the bus ourselves. We tore out all the seats. We ripped the metal ceiling and walls out and tore out all the disgusting old insulation. We built this home from the floor up – every 2×4, every piece of plywood, every nail and screw. We dreamed it, we designed it, we built it, with absolutely no building experience. I’ll be posting more about the process and some deeper thoughts about the entire experience, but for now … FINISHED BUS PHOTOS! (Note : I haven’t photographed the front of the bus or the bathroom, because I want to finish up a couple of projects there before showing them off, but I’ll do that soon! Promise!)

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BEFORE AND AFTER : (!!!!!!!)


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