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Our First (Official) Week of World School!

Since the goal of World School is to learn every day, all day, technically we’ve all be World Schooling for as long as we can remember. But if we’re being technical, we’ve only been calling it by it’s new name for a week. I decided to live in the moment and not bust out my “real” camera, since when I have a bag full of lenses, I tend to focus more on getting a great photo than anything else. I did take, oh, ten thousand iPhone photos, though, so I made a few collages.

Next week we’re working on a tree house and Roxy’s going to perform a magic show for us, so my plan is to make a couple of videos. Check back in a week (and bug me about it on Facebook if I’m slackin’!)


Learned how to make pancakes all by themselves by reading a recipe (and doubling it!) It took Kai about 20 tries to master the flip, which was hilaaaaarious. Did some painting, reading and writing. Marley practiced her letters on the big dry erase board.



On Tuesday, Kai wanted scrambled eggs, so I showed him how to make them. Step one, crack the egg and make sure you look ridiculous while doing it.

World School Week One

We’re not following any set curriculum, but I do want to encourage the kids to work together. As a “team building” exercise, I had them each build a tower out of blocks and then connect them without saying a word to each other. This would have been easy with just Rox and Kai. Throw a very talkative four year old WHO DOESN’T WANT YOU TOUCHING HER BLOCKS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH into the mix and it’s damn near impossible.

World School Week One

Oh, yeah, we also had this really intense swim class. It was brutal, ya’ll.

World School Week One

We spent a ton of time outdoors, hiking and climbing rocks at the greenbelt. We also learned how to Geocache, which is just about the most fun thing ever! If you’ve never heard of it, do a quick Google search. It’s  basically a worldwide treasure hunt! Our kids loved it!


On Tuesday we went to The Thinkery, Austin’s amaaaaazing, wonderful, newly renovated children’s museum.




And then to finish off the week, we invited one of Roxy’s best friends over and had a Giant Water Balloon Trampoline Body Slam Party! It was just about the most fun thing ever, in the history of the world.


World School Week One? SUCCESSSSSSS!

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