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Decided it was time to leave our beloved forest camp and head toward Colorado. Stopped on the way out and did some laundry at the laundromat. (Side note : stop complaining about laundry, unless you have to do it at a damn laundromat.) As we got back on the road, the kids begged to leave the windows down so they could hold their blankets up and catch the wind. For about twenty minutes, the wind blew their blankets around and puffed them up really big until they laughed so loud and hard, it seemed like the most fun thing they’d ever done in their lives. You know when you hear other people laughing so hard that it makes you laugh, too? Before long, all of us were laughing until our stomachs hurt. I snapped a few pictures with my phone and every time I look at them, I smile. I know some people think we’re crazy for road tripping all over the United States for five months with three kids, but these kind of moments greatly outweigh the bad ones.

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After a while, the wind party died down and we drove along, listening to music and enjoying the landscape in front of us. After a week of listening to the same CDs over and over, we’d decided to sign up for XM Radio. Having satellite radio for a cross-country road trip is SO NICE. We have a cord that plays the music from our phones through the radio, but we were constantly having to switch the station when it got fuzzy. Now we had a hundred (or more?) channels that work everywhere – even driving through the middle of nowhere. Plus, now my kids get to learn songs that THEY ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW. Like Ice Ice Baby and Pour Some Sugar on Me, Marley’s new favorite songs. Rox and Kai now know that you NEVER talk through a 1980’s Bon Jovi song, but you change the channel immediately when a 2000’s Bon Jovi song comes on. These lessons are important, you guys. #worldschool

Like always, our plans to drive all the way to a new state changed when we decided we were too damn tired to drive another minute. Found Bandelier National Monument nearby and pulled in to see if they had any campsites available. They did! (Oh, how we love first-come, first-served campgrounds. Reservations are for lame-o’s.) Pulled in and set up the tent, walked down to the bathrooms and were thrilled to find RUNNING WATER! (Most forest and national park campgrounds have bathrooms, but no running water.) It’s amazing how much more we appreciate sinks these days!

It was dark when we arrived, so we crashed pretty soon after we got everything set up. Tomorrow, we explore!


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