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Welcome to The World School Bus Project daily blog! We’re a traveling, world schooling family of five who sold everything we owned to live life outside the box. Currently, we’re converting an old school bus into a tiny house on wheels for an amazing, open-ended road trip around the United States! Follow along by bookmarking this blog and liking us on Facebook and Instagram!



When we woke up this morning, it was cold and rainy. In the afternoon, it was cold and rainy. At dinnertime, cold and rainy. Guess how much work we got done on our bus today? If you guessed ABSOLUTELY NONE, you would be correct! Since we were stuck inside all day, we gave the kiddos a big stack of colored paper and scissors and they got to work on an opening sequence for our new World School Bus video series! Henry cut out the cutest little bus from blue paper (since we hope to eventually paint the bus blue!) and the kids made a bunch of different scenes for the bus to drive through. It’s going to be ridiculously adorable, you guys. I can’t wait to share it with you!



The other project I worked on today was trying to nail down a travel schedule for 2016. I’m a photographer and portrait sessions are how we make money to travel and live. During our five month camping trip across the US, I shot more than 50 portrait sessions in 21 states! This year, we’re hoping to hit some of the states we missed the first time around and possibly even jump up into Canada during the summer months. The problem is we have absolutely NO idea how long this bus conversion is going to take. Maybe we’ll be ready to go in two months. Maybe it’ll take six. WHO KNOWS?! We’re hoping to keep it pretty simple, but even the simplest jobs will be complex for us with our lack of building experience. All this uncertainty makes it hard to start booking sessions for later in the year. Hopefully once we get started, we’ll be able to figure out a reasonable timeline. Fingers crossed!

And since I brought it up, I might as well throw in a little plug for my photography business. I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer for ten years and would love to photograph you and/or your family! If you’re in need of some new portraits, check out my website and send me a message! I’d love to work with you! Here’s a link to my website : Sarah Q | Photography for Happy People.

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